Atulya Ralhan

A Visionary Director

Mr. Atulya’s Work Experience

Before venturing into the Event-Decor industry with the brand name of TraMod, Mr. Atulya amassed plenty of experience in various industries. He has spearheaded his way to success with his breathtaking creative ideology and approach.

Years Of Experience In The TV Industry

Years Of Experience In The Music Industry

Years Of Experience In The Film Industry

Mr. Atulya’s Style Of Work

A Personal Touch

Mr. Atulya always makes sure that he is overlooking the designing team for every event at hand. His personal touch always makes sure that each event has its own unique vibe.

Always There

Mr. Atulya always tries be present on the actual event sites whenever possible. He also makes sure that he is always in control of everything, even remotely, using the help of his trained staff.

Not Selling Templates

At TraMod, Mr Atulya makes sure that our team does not repeat ideas, which generally gives birth to an ideology of template designs, something he has always been decisively against.

As Ethical As Passionate

Mr Atulya believes that when our client leave the most important aspects of the most important day of their lives, to our hands, then it is upto us, to look after everything in the most ethical manner.

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